We've already discussed on the page ' about raw' the benefits of feeding your beloved pets a BARF diet.  Here you will find our full and varied menus and food on offer specially catered for your dog/s.


When you come to us, we want to know about you and your dogs.  We like to get to understand your needs, put any of your reservations to rest and ensure we are feeding your pets with the right diet.


We are not just a sales outlet - as anyone can sell raw food - we go above and beyond and endeavour to give you a personal and professional service.


At Warrington Raw Feeding we provide a high level service for your pets health and well being.  For instance, we want to know if your pet is experiencing any health problems or allergies, as we can tailor the correct diet  to meet your dogs individual needs.  In store we have  a modern weighing facility which enables us to plan  and monitor your pets health.


For first time raw feeders and converts, we love to meet with you in person, as we have a wealth of knowledge  and experience so we can then alleviate any fears and answer all the questions you may have, to make the transition a success.


We guarantee that you will receive a service that you won't find anywhere else.  Why?  Because we have a passion to have as many dogs as possible to be fed a species appropriate  and healthy diet.  A healthy dog is a happy dog and the key to longevity is good diet and exercise.



raw for dogs


How do I feed my dog raw?


Don't make the mistake if you are new to raw of just giving your dog any old raw food, such a a slab of beef or a chicken carcass.  You do need to do it right, which is why we are here to help you as balance is the key.


Ratios -  You need to feed your dog the following: (this is only a guide, as all dogs have individual needs)

80% - meat

10% - bone

10% - offal


If this seems daunting, do not worry, as we can provide complete pre-made meals with the correct ratios and quantities  for the ideal body weight of your dog.  If you want to DIY, we can also advise and guide you on a set menu for your dog to follow.


Before too long you will become a poo connoisseur!  As this will indicate the correct ratio of what you are feeding.


Don't be frightened to make the change, we are here to support you, and you will wonder why you never did this sooner.  Your dogs will love you for it.  Furthermore it is so nice to watch your dog enjoy their food, just as natured intended.

raw menu

*Prices maybe subject to change. Prices in store will always be up to date

making life easier for you with our ready made meals....

Prepared Meals - Complementary Boneless - 454g

Lamb Dinner

with veg, garlic, cocomut oil, spirulina   £1.95

Beef Dinner

with veg, garlic, cocomut oil, spirulina   £1.95


Tripe Delight

with veg, garlic, cocomut oil, spirulina    £1.95

Simply Fruit & Veg


Beef Offal Platter

tripe, heart, lung, liver   £1.95

Lamb Offal Platter

tripe, heart, lung, liver   £1.95

Prepared Meals - Complete with bone 454g -

all with veg, coconut oil, spirulina, garlic & bone

3 Bird Feast

tripe, duck, chicken, turkey


3 Meat Feast

tripe, pork, turkey



Chicken Dinner


Turkey Dinner


Salmon Dinner


Fisherpooch Pie


Frozen Minces


Minced Beef - beef trim & heart        £1.05


Beef & Kidney                                          £1.05


Offal Mix - 5% each lvr, kd, spl, trc,    £1.05

pan, 25% each lung, heart, lean beef


Beef & Chicken                                         95p


Chicken                                                        85p


Chicken & Salmon                                  95p


Chicken & Liver                                        95p


Chicken & Tripe                                        95p


Chicken & Lamb                                    £1.05


Chicken & Duck                                     £1.05


Chicken & Veg                                           95p


Turkey                                                          85p


Turkey & Heart                                      £1.05


Duck                                                           £1.05


Tripe                                                             95p


Tripe & Duck                                             £1.05


Tripe & Organ (liver & lung)                  95p


Heart                                                          £1.05


Lamb & Tripe                                          £1.05


Lamb & Veg                                             £1.05


Lamb                                                          £1.05


Oily Fish                                                      95p


White Fish                                                  95p


Surf & Turf (Salmon & Tripe)              95p


Meat Chunks

1kg - unless otherwise stated

Lean Cheek                                           £5.00


Poultry                                                     £4.50


Lean Beef                                                £5.00


Heart                                                        £4.25


Kidney                                                     £3.50


Liver                                                          £3.50


Spleen                                                      £4.00


Pancreas                                                  £5.25


Tripe (beef)                                             £3.50


Trachea                                       (4 pk)  £3.50


Whole Lamb Tripe                  (2 pk)  £4.00


Day old chicks                             1kg  £3.99


Meaty Bones

1kg - unless otherwise stated

Duck Wings                                            £4.00


Duck Feet                                                 £4.50


Duck Necks                                             £3.50


Duck Carcass                                        £2.80




Chicken Wings                                     £2.50


Chicken Feet                                        £4.00


Chicken Necks                                     £3.00


Chicken Carcass                                  £2.25




Turkey Necks                            (4pk)  £3.25


Turkey Wings                            (pair)  £1.95




Veal Necks                                  (4 pk) £4.00


Lamb Rib/Spine (approx 6 pieces) £5.00


Large Knuckle Bones       (1 piece) £2.50


Knuckle Bones                    (1 piece) £2.00


Middle Shank                       (1 piece) £1.50




1/2 Pigs Head                      (1 piece) £3.50


Twin pack  Trotters                           £3.99



Whole Rabbit (gutted fur on)         £7.00


Stuffed Hooves                        (1 pk) £1.20


Whole Meaty



Chicken Hearts                         1kg   £7.00


Ox Tongue                                   1pk   £6.00


Lamb Hearts                               1pk   £6.50


Pig Hearts                                    1pk   £6.50




Low Purine & Phosphorous   £1.90


Chubbs  1.4kg :


Chicken                                            £3.50


Turkey                                               £3.50


Chicken & Lamb                           £4.95


Venison & Chicken                        £6.80


Duck                                                    £4.75


Beef                                                     £4.50


Lamb                                                  £6.00


Salmon                                              £4.75




Keizebrink Minces


Rabbit          £3.95            Horse         £5.10


Pheasant    £3.20            Pigeon       £3.90


Venison       £4.90

Whole Fish


Sprats                                         1 kg    £3.00


Mackerel                                      1 kg    £3.10






and that's not all....



CSJ Training Tips                    100g   £3.95


Simply Natural Sticks               50g £2.99


Burns Natural Meat Sticks        4pk £2.00


Beef Twists                                            £1.35


Bull Tendons                               250g £4.99


Black Pudding Sticks  gluten free      75p


NatuTripe Bone   small £2.99 Large £4.99


Pizzle Sticks                                             £1.30


Beef Medallions                           50g  £1.20


Bully Tails                                       1 pk  £5.99


Dried Beef Tripe                         135g   £3.99


Puffed Pork Snouts                    5 pk  £3.99


Cows Ears                                                    75p


Pigs Ears                                                    £1.00


Iberian Pigs Ears (30% lower fat)      £1.00


XL Cows Ears                                           £2.00


Hooves                                                         75p


Anco Roots:     XS £5.99    S £7.99  M £9.99

                              L £12.49   XL £14.49


Antlers:             S £5.99    M £8.99  L £12.99

                             XL £16.99   XXL  £20.99


Whimzees: small toothbrush               50p

                       small hedgehog               £1.99

                       large hedgehog                £2.99

                       xl sticks                                £2.99


Rabbit Ears - dried                    100g  £4.95


Fish Skin Alsorts                          100g £3.00


Betty Miller Biscuits                  100g £1.50


Dried Beef Heart                          1kg £14.99


Dried Lung                                    750g £13.99


Beef Trachea                                 250g £6.99


Camel Mega Chews                    250g £7.99


Furry Dear Ear                                         £4.99


Large Whole Bulls Pizzle Sticks     £12.95


Bulls Horns        Large  £8.99   Small £5.99


Lamb Spaghetti                           100g £4.99


Rabbits Ears                                  100g £4.99


Goose Necks                                   4pk £4.99


Pooch & Mutt Calm & Relaxed         £2.99


Grizzly Salmon Oil :  2 litre £40.50   |   1 litre   £24.90   |   500ml £16.59


  • Immune support
  • Omega 3 EFA's
  • Skin & Coat Health



Dorwest Tree Barks Power: 100g  £12.99


  • Ideal for dogs with pancreatitis and other digestive / intestinal problems
  • Soothing & highly digestible




  Ostlers Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar:  1 litre £8.95



  • Multitude of uses (With the Mother)
  • Antibacterial
  • Aids digestion
  • Anti fungal
  • For oral use & external use
  • All round conditioner / tonic
  • Immune System support



Cocomutts Coconut Oil:   2.5 lt £36.99 | 500ml £9.99


  • Ear Mite remedy
  • Oral health & hygiene
  • Energy booster
  • Bone and joint support
  • Gastrointestinal support
  • Healthy skin and coats



Cocomutts Shampoo:  1 bar  £6.99


  • With neem oil, coconut oil & tea tree
  • Repels fleas and ticks
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat
  • Totally natural



Diatamaceous Earth:  500g   £12.99


  • Natural parasite control
  • Fossilised plankton  - all natural
  • 14 trace minerals
  • Food grade - for internal and external use


Organic Spirulina:

                                     250g £13.99


  • Helps allergies
  • Detox stimulant
  • Immune system support
  • supports digestive health
  • Antioxidant

Organic Tumeric:  250g  £6.99


  • Natural liver detoxifier
  • Speeds wounds healing
  • Anti cancer benefits
  • Anti Arthritis
  • Digestive support

Dog Rocks:    £12.99


  • Prevents urine scorch
  • All natural minerals
  • Purifies your pets water

We also stock:


Fenland Forager’s herbal remedies


The Golden Paste Company products



CSJ Herbal Supplements

Resist!   200g    £13.50


  • Helps with intolerances & sensitivities
  • Immune System support


Hold it!   200g    £13.50


  • Urinary tract support
  • Helps control incontinence


Billy No Mates!   300g    £13.50


  • Natural ectoparasites control
  • Effective repellent for fleas, ticks & mites


Phantom Raspberry!   200g    £13.50


  • Natural herbal support for bitches in season
  • Helps with Pseudo-pregnancy
  • Can help fertility rates in both dogs & bitches


Stroppy Bitch!   200g    £13.50


  • Natural remedy to reduce the occurrence and extent of hormonal temperament problems
  • Particularly useful in multi bitch households


Down Boy!   200g    £13.50


  • Totally natural sex-drive suppressant for amorous dogs



Turn Back Thyme!   200g    £13.50


  • Natural, nutritional support for aging canines
  • Helps with mobility problems, kidney & liver problems, skin problems associated with the onset of old age


Focus!   200g    £14.50


  • Natural herb mix to encourage concentration when training or competing


Come On!   200g    £13.50


  • All natural, herbal conditioner
  • Great for skin & coat
  • Beneficial to underweight dogs


Get Over!   200g    £13.50


  • Herbal blend for older dogs
  • Particularly effective for dogs showing signs of stiffness through the colder months


Calm Down!   200g    £13.50


  • Herbal supplement for dogs who are shy or stressed by events like the show ring



Eezy Peezy!   200g    £13.50


  • Herbal blend for urinary tract health
  • Also helps prevent lawn burn



Go on!   200g    £13.50


  • A natural herb blend for active dogs
  • Useful for dogs competing in such sports as agility, flyball, racing etc


Steady!   200g    £13.50


  • Herbal blend for the support of  the nervous systems


Heal !   200g    £13.50


  • Natural herbal blend support for the digestive system


Seaweed & Parsley   100g    £11.00


  • Canadian kelp & seaweed with parsley for oral health & hygiene


No Ake  75g    £13.50


  • High potency herb (Devils Claw Root)
  • Calms inflammatory response
  • Supports musculo-skeletal system


Other Products - toys, collars, bowls, mats and more....

Slow Feeders  £9.99 / £11.99 / £12.99


  • A varity of different sizes and shaped slow feeders - to slow feeding times down and prevent risk of choking.
  • Alternatively used to turn your dogs meal times into a fun and interactive game.  Stimulating your dogs instincts


Swag Headcollar


  • XS/S/M/L   £10.00
  • XL                 £12.00


Swag Lead Normal  £10.00


Swag Lead Two Handled  £12.00


Swag Training Toys


  • Tennis Retriever  £11.00
  • Fluffy Food Pouch £12.50


Swag Dog Rope Ball Flinger £5.00


'Give Space' Jackets S/M/L £10.00


Beco Bowl (slow feeder) Lrg £9.00


Versan 5 Litre £12.99


Pet Kennel Disinfectant 5 Litre £12.99


Eco Friendly Poo Bags - pk of 4 £2.99







As much love and fun we get from our wonderful doggies,  sometimes there is always much cleaning up after them to do.  A fabulous walk in the woods, especially during winter,  can mean you end up bringing the outdoors, indoors! Arrgghh!


Now your life can be made easier with these wonderful Dirt Trapper Mats.  Place at your door and let the mat do all the work.  These can even come digitally printed with your own design or photo.   They are a must have for any household!  Next time you visit us, ask about the Dirt Trapper Mats.  They're ace!


S- £21.95 (£5 off)                       R - £68.95 (£10 off)

M - £43.95 (£10 off)             H/M - £23.95 (£5 off)

L - £72.95 (£10 off)

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