raw for cats

for cats:

Beef  Formula           500g        £2.60


Chicken  Formula    500g        £2.60


Salmon  Formula      500g        £2.60

Cats are in fact obligate carnivores which means they cannot survive on anything other than meat. They are however, also a fickle creature and tend to be harder to transition.  Any one who owns cats know that they are a rule unto themselves!!


We do  provide excellent quality BARF meals for your cat, so if you are wanting to transition we have all you need in our shop for DIY feeding.  Cats needs a higher source of taurine (which can be found in heart for example) and we sell a wider variety of DIY produce including 5 different types of hearts from different animal species.


If you have any questions, come into our store and we can advise on how to transition your cat to a raw diet.


Our pre-made selection of ready made feline meals are supplied by Nutriment.



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