It can feel very daunting when you first start out  RAW feeding, questions like ....when can I start, what age does my dog have to be, can I still feed kibble, can I defrost the food in the microwave?  Can my dog eat it frozen? This  could be an endless list to be fair, but you will soon and very quickly get the hang of RAW Feeding, after a week you'll be wondering what you worried about.


There is never a daft question, and its my job to make you feel comfortable when managing RAW feed.  Don't be nervous as your dog will sense it.  Refer to our FAQ any time or give us a call at the shop, or drop us a question on our facebook page.  We are here to help!!


If you have any questions you feel we haven't answered here, let us know what they are and we will add them to our list.

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