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Does your dog have...


Not to mention the many other unresolved conditions which cause your dog discomfort.


A simple change to a raw diet can nearly always dramatically improve these conditions and saves the owner hundreds of pounds as well as improving their behaviour and excitability.


Did you also know that there is no law that specifies that manufacturers of dog food have any responsibility to disclose the full contents of their product?  This means that commercially produced dog food can be full of artificial flavouring, colourings, additives, sugars and cereals which can be dangerous and cause unnecessary illness and you would be none the wiser.


Yes kibble and tinned dog foods are convenient for those of us who have busy lives but would you feed your child McDonald’s every night for convenience sake?  Probably not!  Yet many people do the equivalent of that to their dogs.


Dogs are very adaptable but just because they can survive on a omnivorous diet, it does not mean that this is the best diet  for them.


Dogs are faculative carnivores, they should be fed to thrive, not just survive!



*BARF is the abbreviated term for either; Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food.  Whichever meaning you choose, this means feeding a species appropriate diet that your pet is genetically designed to digest.

Skin Irritations?

Ear Infections?

Anal Gland Issues ?


Raw feeding has been relatively popular for a number of years but only in more recent years, have the health benefits of feeding a raw and natural diet been truly unleashed.


To make this even more appetising, pet food companies have now designed a 'readymade' pre packed complete product to match the convenience of previous commercial pet foods to allow owners to feed the best but also just as convenient.


Here at Warrington Raw Feeding we are delighted to inform you that we have teamed up with 'Landywood' to produce a brand new product to add to their already huge selection of raw produce of complete meals specifically designed and tailored to benefit you and all your pets needs.


The founders of Warrington Raw Feeding Ltd have, for over 10 years, fed BARF diet and witnessed a range of benefits, behaviourally, medically and athletically first hand.  As a result of this, I feel compelled as a dog lover and owner of multiple dogs of various breeds and sizes, to provide a valued service based on experience, giving the customer confidence and honest guidance required to sustain their pet's needs.

as nature intended...



The key to longevity is the right diet and exercise.


At Warrington Raw Feeding Ltd, you can be guaranteed that your dog or cat will receive a diet, as nature intended, at an affordable price.  We stock a wide vartiy of RAW foods, along with natural alternative and natural treats.

Why not pop into the store to find out more.  There is limited parking opposite the shop front with two free car parks within 2 minutes walking distance from the shop door.


All your canine friends are most welcome, so long as they are well behaved and sociable.


State of the art weighing scales are available in store for you to keep a regular check on your pets health and well being.


There is so much help, advice and guidance out there for you to gain the confidence you need to realise what your pets have been missing out on.  Once you've made the jump, you will never look back and only wish you had started sooner....


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